Terra Agrar is a producer

of cash crops. Our core expertise is in organic and conventional cultivation and marketing.

Our products are sold mainly to direct processors such as mill operators and feed manufacturers in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

We grow organic cereals

such as rye, spelt, oats and wheat, as well as grain maize, lupins and broad beans according to the resource-saving and environmentally friendly rules of the EU Eco Regulation. Specifically, this means that we use no synthetic chemical fertilisers and pesticides on our organic products, and that our organic farming follows the principle of sustainability.

Our conventional cultivation

includes cereals and other crops. Conventional fertilisers and pesticides are used here. The products are supplied to feed manufacturers and food producers, and are also used for generating power in biogas plants.

In both areas

our production is managed by experienced and motivated staff who have been with us for many years and are always looking to improve our quality-based production process. Thanks to our experience and size, we are a partner for agricultural equipment manufacturers, helping them develop and improve their products.