is grown as a crop, primarily for food and animal fodder. The plant is also very important as an energy carrier for the production of biofuels, as energy maize for silage, and as a biogas substrate in Terra Agrar AG’s biogas plant.


are grown on Terra’s fields and are mainly processed as food in the form of gluten-free oatmeal. In animal feed, oats are processed unhulled. Terra Agrar AG offers summer and winter oats to both food manufacturers and feed producers.

winter barley

grown by Terra Agrar AG is mainly used as animal fodder (feed barley). It differs from spring barley by its higher yields and more protein (12-15%). For human consumption, summer barley is also used as malt for brewing.


can be grown both in winter and summer forms. However, Terra Agrar AG only grows the plant on its land as a winter crop. Spelt is mainly made into spelt flour and used primarily in pasta.


is particularly used as a grain for rye bread or mixed bread, and after harvesting by Terra Agrar AG, is mainly sold to mill operators. However, this species of cereal is not at all widespread, and accounts for only one percent of world grain production.


is the second most cultivated crop after maize at Terra Agrar AG. Wheat is a popular staple (as a grain for bread) and still plays a major part in the animal fattening industry. Durum wheat is particularly suitable for making pasta (durum wheat semolina).

Broad beans

are grown on Terra Agrar AG’s fields as a summer crop. The plant is also very effective as a preceding crop. Broad beans are used as a protein carrier in animal feed and as green manure at Terra Agrar AG.


is a mixture which, just like alfalfa, is grown perennially for biogas production. It is used for crop rotation and, because clover is a legume, it is a natural source of nitrogen. Grass/clover also loosens the soil and is a habitat for animals and insects. It is a rich source of food for bees and other insects.


are grown at Terra Agrar AG and sold to feed manufacturers after harvest. Lupin seeds contain high-quality protein that is used as a substitute for soy in animal feed.